Orders & Shipping

As we don't have a very broad product range yet, we offer gift cards in the form of gift bags (which we think is even cooler). The gift bags allow you to give your loved one a valuable and physical gift for any special occasion. Add a gift bag to your order and your gift will be wrapped with a special gift card in a paper bag made from recycled material.

Yes we do! We ship worldwide.

All the packages within the Netherlands are sustainably delivered via fietskoeriers.nl, they deliver all the packages throughout the Netherlands on a bike or by the use of an electric car.

Packages outside the Netherlands are first picked up by bike or electric car by fietskoeriers.nl and then handed over to DHL.

Moreover, our shipping boxes are made from 75% recycled material, the rest of the material comes from sustainable and ethically sourced wood and can be opened and closed (re-used) thousands of times. 

The shipping costs in the Netherlands are € 4,95 (€ 1,10 on us)

Please see an overview of the shipping costs outside the Netherlands here 

Orders placed before 15.00 from Monday to Friday are shipped (and sometimes even delivered!) the same day, orders placed in the weekend are shipped within 24 hours*

Delivery time:

NL: delivered within 48 hours (between 18.00 and 22.00)

EU: 2 - 7 working days

Worldwide: 4 - 12 working days

For detailed info and prices regarding shipping click here  

* Packages are not shipped on Dutch national holidays

In our opinion, sending packages back and forth like it’s nothing has become a toxic habit in our society. Therefore we don’t want to promote unnecessary purchases and returns. However, if you’re looking to return your order for whatever reason, we’re here to help. We can only accept returns in their original unopened packaging. To return your purchase, please contact us with your order number at hello@saucha.co. Read more about our Return Policy here.


Even though we cheer for skincare packed in zero-waste, our aim with Saucha is to create a cleaner world by cleaning the plastic that already exist. Nowadays, only 9% of the current plastic is recycled. That means there is still 91% of plastic left in the oceans, forests, streets and so forth.. We trust we could better first use the already existing plastic, instead of creating more by using bioplastic (read more about that subject in our blog).

While growing up in Thailand and seeing the increase of plastic on the streets and in the oceans over the last 25 years is heartbreaking to see. Therefore, our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, only collected from South-East Asia. There where cleaning is of highest importance.


With Toi and Mr. Big, we have a co-creation partnership. Next to their own production, for every sold bottle of Saucha, they receive 10% commission, paid monthly. This results in a great extra income for them, which helps to support their families and grow their business.

We aim for responsible supply chains with every farmer: having a long-term vision, making a sincere commitment and acting responsibly throughout the supply chain. We know every farmer by name and select the farmers on their ethical and sustainable way of working. Moreover, most of our ingredients have the Fair-For-Life certification, which is a certification program for fair trade in agriculture, manufacturing and trade. We, of course, still have a fair-trade with the ones that do not have that official label.

For every purchased product, we collect 5kg of plastic (equal to 50 bottles) from the ocean via The Plastic Bank.


Together with our partners in Asia, we’re in a constant process of producing and testing products complimentary to our current product range. We only create products that are actually needed. Keep an eye on our webshop or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

All products are co-created by our Asian partners (Toi and Mr. Big) and Saucha, whereafter they are produced in our own lab in Amsterdam. Robin handcrafts each and every product in small exclusive batches, ensuring the highest quality - over quantity - within each batch.

Robin gained her formulating knowledge via Toi and Mr. Big, passion and a degree in Formulating Organic Skincare.

In order to make conscious choices as a customer, the best thing we can do is purchase products from companies that are transparent and that we trust. We hope to be this company for you.

Within the last three and a half years, Saucha has been tested extensively by developing and testing over and over again. Besides the testing phase of myself, family and friends - a cosmetic product also undergoes an official testing phase with an official lab in order to receive the official certifications. Saucha passed all tests and obtained all the needed certifications.


Yes, we are! We are proud to contribute to a cleaner and friendlier world by extensively collecting plastic, connecting cultures and supporting micro-businesses in Asia. We aim for a world where trade is a driving force for positive and sustainable change benefiting people and their environment.

The Sanskrit term Saucha derives from ancient Indian books and can be literally translated as purity, cleanliness and clearness. Saucha is part of one of the five Niyamas in Yoga - the principles of yoga philosophy - and covers the cleanliness of the body and the earth, as well as the purity of mind. This Niyama reminds one to live a healthy and sustainable life, while keeping the body and mind pure. Healthy diet, personal hygiene and self0care are all considered Saucha; and is therefor essential for happiness and general well-being.


Yes your shower gel can be used for a whooole lot of things, such as:

  • It’s great to clean your reusable cotton pads
  • It can be used as a shaving cream
  • Or for washing clothes and diapers
  • You can use it in place of a shampoo (not suitable for thin flyaway hair)
  • All-purpose household cleaner, yes also mopping and window cleaning! Can be diluted (50/50) and used in a spray bottle.
  • It can also be used in place of a dishwashing detergent
  • Or to give your pets a fresh wash

Click here to read all about it in our blog.

We recommend storing it away from direct sunlight, preferred in your bathroom cabinet. When stored in the shower, keep the cap on the bottle at all times to avoid water entering the bottle.

We recommend using the Saucha's Castile Soap within three years of purchase. The soap is ultra concentrated so can last for a very long time, thanks to the great benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

What is inside?

Yes, all Saucha products are 100% natural; no hidden chemicals and impossible-to-read ingredient lists. Just save, active and organic ingredients of familiarity, produced by mother earth.

Yes! All Saucha products are vegan.

No, there aren’t. Even not the so-called natural preservatives. This is because it’s simply not needed for our products. We make use of the freshest oils, butters and waxes and don’t use water in our final products - so there’s no room for bacteria to grow. Ingredients like olive oil are high in Vitamine E and therefore have their own superpowers to fight bacteria.

Yes! We only source from sustainable farms that grow organically.

All our organic ingredients are obtained from their local source, harvested at sustainable farms.

The connecting farmers of Saucha have been chosen because of their beautiful ethical and ecological way of working and their greater cause. Click here to read about the beautiful work of every individual farmer.